I  use to have the most perfect family and call my parents the most perfect parents in the world but once I turned evil that all changed in the instant. My mother, father and I for one had recently on July 15th gotten into a car crash on 95 heading south. It was my idea to even take the car instead of hitching a ride with my Aunt Taunie. Yes I killed my parents with pleasure I mean they were stuck up so what’s a girl like me age 15 to do but kill them and take away their misery? I attend a highschool not so far away from my home called Mount high. I’m not very fond of the name or the people who attend it either. Do I have any friends? Maybe. Am I a freak though? Possibly.
Look there’s a lot know one knows about me so shut up…. the fact of the matter is I’m evil at least I have been for the past few months before the accident I’d made. No one even suspected I had caused it. It was like magic(black magic for that matter) and I survived the car accident only because like I had said magic. I made it look like I found a way to exit the car without dying and the po-po never suspected a thing.


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